The Cooper School Daily

Celebrating 4th Grade Accomplishments!

ERB Testing!

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Students did a wonderful job with testing this week. Students took two ERB tests a day in order to display the knowledge they have learned all year. With only 4 more school days until Field Day, the countdown is on! Please ask your child how they felt about their testing experience.


Celebrating the Arts!

Fourth Graders created dynamic African masks for display outside of the TCS Library! Artists had to use color and not just pencil outlines to enhance the end result. Each student folded their masks in half to create clean lines and spectacular symmetry. Our historians also learned about the individuals who originally created these masks and how they had limited resources. They resorted to incorporating natural dyes like Indigo into their creations. The masks were used as entertainment pieces in certain countries in Africa. Please ask your child about the process of making these remarkable masks.



Centers this week revolved around mystery story writing. Students were tasked with creating their mystery story including detectives, suspects, witnesses, and a crime. Students shared their mysteries with the class and it was riveting. Ask your child to share their mystery with you!


Important Dates:

  • Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day! No School
  • Thursday, 5/30 5th Grade Graduation-Half Day
  • Friday, 5/31 Field Day-Half Day