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Celebrating Art


Second Graders begin the week working on their reading fluency. Reading fluently is the ability toReading Fluency read the text accurately, quickly, and with expression. In order to truly understand what they are reading, students must be able to recognize words automatically and effortlessly. Students practiced reading their favorite Kevin Henkes book with their reading partner. As an end goal for this practice, students are recording themselves reading on the IPad. Once everyone has recorded their story, we will give the videos and books to Kindergarten to use as a listening center. Students took pride in knowing they were able to hand-off their favorite story to a buddy.


Reading nonfiction books for information is a very different skill from reading fiction stories. Later in the week, Second Graders began their nonfiction reading unit. Students are learning to read for information using the Social Studies textbooks. While reading People and Places, they have been answering questions about the text using evidence from the text. For instance, if they want to say that people in communities agree to follow the laws, they would cite the information from a particular page of the book. This shows that they are reading the text, understanding the information, and are able to accurately answer questions about it.

Art Walk

The Cooper School’s annual Art Walk was a huge success this morning! Art Walk 2The building was transformed into a real art museum filled with priceless masterpieces all created by the students at The Cooper School. Young artists were so proud to show off their hard work and beautiful art to parents, grandparents, and friends! At the art walk we were thrilled to find that some of our own Cooper School parents were fantastic artists! After visiting each room, parents enjoyed creating masterpieces and memories with their child. Thanks to everyone who joined us today on this special day!

Upcoming Dates

Friday, February 12th           Valentine’s Concert and Bake Sale

Monday, February 15th         February Break-No School

Tuesday, February 16th         February Break-No School

Thursday, February 25th      Cooper Village Presentation