The Cooper School Daily

Celebrating Fall!

Monarch Butterflies
Kindergarteners were excited to kick off our new Science unit, a study of Monarch Butterflies. This week, students learned all about the annual monarch migration. Our class was astounded to find out that Monarchs make an incredible journey of up to 4500 km, often to the same tree that their ancestors had traveled to. Students loved learning all about the anatomy of a butterfly and all of the fun ways they can use their proboscis! They even used a straw (and no hands!) to see what it is really like to have a proboscis.

Word Workers
Kindergarteners have been working hard learning new letters and reading and spelling new words! This week, we introduced a new game called Word Work to our phonics time. Word Work helps us practice the letters and sounds that we learn so we can become strong readers and spellers. During this activity, we use our magnetic letters and letter trays to do Word Work and always use our very best listening ears! Ask your brave Word Worker to tell you all about our new game!

Mindful Listening
Our class worked together this week to discuss mindfulness and the benefits of being mindful in all that you do. Kindergarteners spent the week focused on self-awareness, self-control, and learning new ways that they can be the boss of their body! They learned that when you focus your attention, this gives their brain time to analyze information and allows us to make better choices.

Important Dates:
September 23rd – Family Fun Outing: Charleston Battery Soccer Game (4:30-8:30pm)
September 29th – Parent Coffee (8am-8:45am)
October 3rd – Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
October 17th-18th – Fall Break (No School)
October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)