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Celebrating the Holidays With Music and Pajamas!

Pajama Project

This week, your young philanthropists participated in the annual Pajama Drive. Students were reminded of how lucky and fortunate we all are to have cute and comfy pajamas to wear to bed each night.  This year, the pajamas that we collected are being donated to the CYDC (Carolina Youth Development Center). It was such a joy to see children bringing in pajama sets all week! On Friday, we celebrated our tremendous efforts by wearing our own favorite pair of pajamas!

Miss Marsha teaching students about the Winter Solstice!
Miss Marsha teaching students about the Winter Solstice!

Holiday Migration

Over the past week, students attended Whole School Morning Meeting each day to learn about the migration of Winter Holidays across place and time.  In years past we have focused on food, light and gifts.  This year the focus was on music.   Throughout these Morning Meetings we discussed Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, St. Lucia, and Kwanzaa.  Ask your child about their favorite festive song from one of these unique winter holidays!

circuit conductor


After our initial attempts at building simple circuits, students used these circuits to find conductors and insulators in our classroom.  Students learned that a conductor is a substance through which electricity can flow and an insulator is a substance that stops the flow of electricity.  If an object were a conductor the motor in the circuit would start when the two loose wires were touching that object.  We found some unexpected conductors!  The class favorites were the foil Caldecott Medal on the cover of “The Polar Express” and the earrings that I was wearing!

Sofia Pic

Important Dates:

  • December 19th- January 4th              Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 5th                           School Resumes
  • Monday, January 18th                         MLK Day- No School