The Cooper School Daily

Celebrations All Around!


We are rounding up our very first Writing unit this week! Students started the week off putting the finishing touches on their pieces to share on Thursday. We revised with comments from partners and made edits using our narrative writing checklists. On Thursday we got to share our stories with the Second Graders over Google Meet! It was so exciting getting to read our writing to other friends!


We celebrated ending our unit on Building a Reading Life by creating fortune tellers of 4 things we have learned over the past several weeks. Students loved learning to fold and tell their friends their favorite ways to choose books, favorite genres, and more. We finally got to use and decorate our Reader’s Notebooks to start our brand new Reading unit- Reading to Learn!


This week in Science we have been preparing for our next unit. We have been focusing on research skills and navigating our Chromebooks to be the best researchers we can be! We have learned what makes a good source, how to take notes, and how to open sources and what to do next. We are so excited to put these skills into action!


Third Graders had so much fun with Centers on Wednesday! We played Multiple Madness during Math which helped build our multiplication fluency within 100. Students designed costumes for characters in the books they are reading. They were able to explain the setting, introduce the character, and tell why their design suited him or her. We are loving the work that is being done on our Center Wednesdays!

Important Dates:

October 9th- Distance Learning Day 

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)