The Cooper School Daily


Week of February 3-7

Math Celebrations

Monday, February 3rd, was the 100th day of school!  It’s hard to believe that we have come this far so quickly.  As part of the salute to that day, we had multiple activities tied to the number 100 and to the idea of celebration. The students rotated through centers and had a wonderful time as they graphed ordered pairs of numbers to create a dot-to-dot picture that turned out to be a party hat that said, “Celebrate!”  The next activity was rolling a die and recording the result in a series of gumball pictures. Each gumball machine had a limit of ten, so addition practice was involved as they worked toward 100. The two favorite activities were building structures with 100 red cups and threading Fruit Loops on to string to make a 100 necklace!


Our scholars have been spending some time each day reflecting on their progress and attitudes around academic subjects as they complete self-assessments for each area. They are thinking about, for example, their level of independence with a task such as skip counting by 5’s. They ask if they can do this by themselves, if they are learning to do this alone, or if they are able to explain to someone else how to do it. This helps them clarify what the expectations are for each task and evaluate their own progress!

Creative Vocabulary

Each week our children learn new vocabulary related to that week’s reading and phonics. As a memory aid, they are asked to generate ways to signal the meaning of that word. One of the words for this week was “basking”. The students decided that acting out lying in the sun at the beach was a good way to represent the word. And the next day at recess, they were taking the wooden building blocks that are in the toy shed and turning them into beds on which they pretended to be “basking”!  Love it!!

Important Dates:

Saturday, February 8: Family Fun Night

Tuesday, February 11⋅ Sibling Day

Thursday, February 13: Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (2:15)

Friday, February 14: Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 17: February Break