The Cooper School Daily

Changing the World


Friends in Third Grade celebrated their nonfiction reading unit coming to a close this week. We learned all about how to organize our thoughts before we start reading, what to think about while we are reading, and how to share what we’ve learned after reading. Our curious learners have been asking and answering questions about all types of topics. We are so proud of all of our nonfiction reading work!


The students became the teachers this week and taught their classmates new skills. To celebrate wrapping up our nonfiction writing unit, students decorated a typed, printed out copy of their texts and got to share their hard work. Topics ranging from baking, how to care for different animals, sports, and video games, WOW! We have all learned so many new talents.

Social Studies

This Friday, we were so thrilled to complete our Change Maker’s Presentation! This presentation was a culmination of all the students’ hard work reading, researching, and writing about Change Makers such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Delores Huerta, Frederick Douglass, and more! We are so proud of the students’ timelines, quote analysis, portraits, speeches, and artifacts that they presented. What a great time to remember that we are ALL change makers and that we ALL have “a seat at the table!” 

Important Dates:

November 17th- Make Up Picture Day

November 20th- 11:30 Dismissal

November 23rd-November 27th- Thanksgiving Break