The Cooper School Daily

Chilly Days in Kindergarten

Word Part Takeover!
Kindergarten word part power is exploding in our classroom! Kindergarteners continued exploring word parts during our study of phonics this week. Our word part power is allowing us to read and write more and more words. This week we even discovered word parts hidden in our alphabet chart. Kindergarteners collaborated to sort all of the word parts that we have studied into categories based on which vowels are in the word parts. Ask your Kindergartener to tell you all about their word part power!

Outdoor Yoga
This week, Kindergarten yogis were thrilled to join Ms. Courtney in The Cooper School’s new outdoor classroom just as the weather warmed up a bit! Kindergarteners enjoyed connecting their minds and bodies as they moved through a thoughtful sequence of vowel poses. Kindergarteners did a beautiful job listening to Ms.Courtney as she guided them on a magical yoga journey as they enjoyed feeling the sunshine on their little faces. Ask your Kindergartener what they enjoyed the most about yoga with Ms. Courtney in our outdoor classroom!  

Remembering Rosie
This week, Kindergarteners sadly said goodbye to our class betta fish. On Tuesday of this week, we were sad to come in and find that Rosie had passed away. Kindergarteners found beautiful ways to express their sadness and many offered advice for comforting each other. We wrapped up our day by heading outside to hold an Appreciation Circle for Rosie. Each student shared one thing they appreciated about our little pink friend. Kindergarteners were grateful for her beautiful pink color, the way her tail and fins moved when she swam in her bowl, and most of all for being in our classroom every morning ready to greet Kindergarteners when they arrived. We love you, Rosie!

Important Dates:
December 18: Pajama Day (11:30am Dismissal)
December 21-January 4: Winter Break (No School)
January 4th: Teacher Workday (No School)
January 18th: MLK Day (No School)