The Cooper School Daily

Chinese Acrobats!


Third Graders are working on numbers into the millions! Understanding place value, reading and writing numbers, and applying large numbers to real-world issues have been the focus of this math unit. This week, students worked on comparing populations of major US cities. They have also used the base ten blocks to estimate large numbers. They then had to count all of the base ten blocks to see how many we have in the classroom. Ask your student how many blocks they counted.


Patience and perseverance were evident in the performance of the Chinese Acrobats the Third Graders got to see this week. Students delighted in watching flips, tumbles, balancing, and juggling acts. The young acrobats made mistakes or missed a trick but never gave up, sometimes trying two or three times to get it correct. Juggling on a unicycle and jumping rope… on a unicycle, balancing bowls on his head while balancing on a board and flipping more bowls onto his head. 

These were a few of the impressive tricks these skilled performers completed. The grand finale was one acrobat doing a handstand on top of a chair, then two chairs…then three, four, five, six stacked chairs! Third Graders were shocked and awed and loved it all!


This week, Third Graders were excited to begin a new Writing unit. This unit is all about opinion writing. We began by fostering the ideas and opinions of these brave and bold writers. Students were able to begin by brainstorming ideas of problems they notice and solutions they have to begin writing persuasive speeches. The whole class worked together to write a speech about how and why we need to keep our library clean and organized.

Important Dates

  • Thursday, January 25th                    Art Walk, 8-9 am
  • Friday, February 16th                       February Break, No School
  • Monday, February 19th                    February Break, No School