The Cooper School Daily

Coins, Compliments, and How-To

Kindergarten Coin Investigators

Kindergarten scholars have been busy investigating coins during math this week. Young mathematicians examined the attributes and values of pennies and nickels. Students took turns exchanging five pennies for a nickel to better understand the value of each coin. To read more about this click here. Students have been busy counting by fives during our daily calendar routine to count how many days we have been in school. Ask your kindergartener to tell you what they know about pennies and nickels!

Compliments Written With Care

Kindergarten writers have been busy preparing thoughtful and unique compliments for each friend in their class. Students discovered the joy of giving and receiving meaningful compliments. These brave and hardworking writers have shown tremendous grit as they created compliment sloppy copy rough-drafts, fancied them up, and then wrote final copies in their very nicest and neatest handwriting. Kindergarteners are thrilled to the gills to create such unique compliment books for friends and to give, and receive these precious gifts on such a special day!

Kindergarten Writers Explain “How-To” and Speak to Their Readers  

Kindergarten writers have been busy sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics as they compose “How To” books during Writer’s Workshop.  This week they extended their knowledge of writing “How To” books by finding ways to elaborate in their writing. Writers learned that they can give the reader of their book tips, warnings, and suggestions as they teach how to do something. Students also found ways to use comparisons in their writing to help the reader better understand how to follow steps. Ask your brave writer what they did this week to make their “How To” books even stronger! 

Important Dates:

·      Tuesday, February, 14th  Valentine’s Day Concert @ 1:00

·      Monday and Tuesday February 20th and 21st  No School

·      Friday, February 24th Move Up Day

·      Monday, February 27th K/5 Fun Day

·      Wednesday, March 1st Biome Fashion Show @ 8:15

·      Monday and Tuesday March 6th and 7th Student-led Conferences 11:30 Dismissal