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Collaborative Crew!

Photo_Sep_14,_12_43_38_PMMonday Movement

This week, your athletes began their volleyball lessons with 4th grade! Part of the Capstone year allows fifth graders to participate in instruction and study trips around volleyball, basketball, and soccer. This week we learned the most common hit in volleyball called the bump. Students broke off in groups to practice passing and bumping to each other. Everyone had a blast and can’t wait until we practice the set next week!

Reading Workshop

Stanley Yelnats has been sent to a camp for bad boys for a crime he didn’t do. His family thinks it all points back to the curse from his dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great great grandfather. As we continue to read Holes by Louis Sachar, your curious readers will have to follow a double plot line to make the connections and see if Stanley really is cursed! We are learning to track the development of characters over time and follow a double plot line. We learn about characters based on what they say, what they do, and what others say about them. Therefore, your scholars are paying close attention to these details as they read!


This week, your collaborators were asked to build a physical model of the Humdinger; a contraption, hidden in a brown bag, that hums when you pull a string and dings when you release it. They were given a bag full of building materials, a battery, a motor, and a bell. There were many challenges and many success! After three days, one group was able to successfully recreate the humming and dinging sounds. Next week, they will get to see the humdinger and replicate it. Ask your child how they were successful with the humdinger!