The Cooper School Daily

Come Along with First Grade!!


This week in science our scholars did an investigation on toothpaste. Scholars were asked the question, “ Is toothpaste a solid or liquid?” Scholars then voted on which one they thought toothpaste was. Our scientists then did a variety of tests and determined that toothpaste was a mixture of both. Ask your scholar all about this fun science investigation!


Our poets wrapped up our poetry unit by reading two of their poems to their 5th/6th grade buddy via Google Meet!  They received handwritten compliments from their buddies afterwards.  It was a great way to end our Poetry study! 


This week, we launched our study of persistence.  Students were given the task to build a tower out of linking cubes that is as tall as one of their teammates.  Students persisted through the task as the linking cubes kept falling apart.  Afterwards, we discussed the challenges and highlighted how persistence helped them to complete this task as a team.  

Important Dates:

Friday, May 7:½ Day- Virtual Pass It On (viewing information will be sent home soon)

Monday, May 31:  No School- Memorial Day