The Cooper School Daily

Come together, right now…

We have all come together this trimester (socially distanced of course) with routines and procedures in place, we can really get into the meat of our curriculum and witness our middle schoolers grow. They are not just growing academically, but truly working together as a family, taking care of each other and just enjoying their peers’ company. As we begin November, the month of thanks and giving, there is no better time to come and think together.

What’s happening in Science:
Scientists began presenting their TedTalks this week. Their hard work has paid off! Their messages are powerful, intriguing, and heartfelt. Middle School scientists also learned how to use google slides to make their presentations more compelling. With the combination of powerful scripts and entertaining visuals, their TedTalk presentations will make you proud. I am excited to share them with you next week!

In Writing:
Writers have been working hard to complete their final chapters of their informational texts. Writers are doing a great job elaborating and constructing their informational writing pieces. Writers are looking forward to editing their writing and finalizing their drafts, in preparation for their Publishing Party which will be on Friday, November 13th! We are so excited to celebrate a day of literature with our Publishing Party in addition to tuning into the two middle school virtual sessions happening during Charleston’s very own Y’ALL Festival! Writers will be dressing up like a writer that they have chosen and researched!

What is happening in Math:
Sixth-grade mathematicians have started Module 2 this week, and we are doing a great job learning how to divide fractions. Mathematicians are applying the division of fractions in a tactical way by visualizing and modeling Play-doh to represent grouping a fraction of a fraction. Click here for Module 2 Lessons 1-9 Parent Letter

Fifth-grade mathematicians have completed their mid-module quiz, as well as, the quiz corrections. Fifth graders have been reviewing and applying their understanding of place-value and operations as this curriculum spirals back around to ensure students have a strong foundation. Click here for Module 2 Lessons 10-13 Parent Letter.

Important Dates:
November 9th & 10- 11:30 Dismissal and Conferences
November 13th- Y’allFest/ Literature Day/ Dress like a writer day!
November 17th- Make-Up Picture Day
November 20th- 11:30 dismissal
November 23rd-27th- Thanksgiving Break