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Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!

IMG_5004Writing workshop was a BUZZ this week as Third Grade writers composed compliments for each classmate. We discussed what quality compliments look and sound like and how they should compliment a quality of a person that shines from with-in. Third Graders really took compliment-writing to heart as they thoughtfully composed beautiful compliments and made sure they used their very nicest and neatest handwriting. Students worked together, helping one another cut and make final copies so we could all reach our deadline and have them ready by Friday. It was a beautiful sight to see the happy helping and collaboration amongt our Third Grade family! On Friday, we exchanged these beautiful books and enjoyed reading lovely compliments. These books are truly treasures and make the heart beam with joy!
More Geometry

Third Grade mathematicians continued our study of geometry during math this week. We explored different kinds of triangles, reviewed their properties and practiced constructing them with materials. Scholars practiced naming triangles going in order around the vertices in either direction. Mathematicians took time to investigate quadrangles or quadrilaterals. They discovered that these shapes all have four sides. Students spent time finding parallel lines while investigating these four-sided shapes. Mathematicians learned all about angle measures and even created a handy paper tool that they could use to measure angles of all sizes. It was certainly an exciting week in Third Grade math!

ValentineIMG_4999‘s Day Concert and Bake Sale

We wrapped up this loving week with the always delightful Valentine’s Day Concert which showcased the multitude of talented students at The Cooper School! Families and friends gathered to watch our whole school choir sing tunes of love and friendship as well as play along with various instruments. The day ended with a sweet treat, as students, parents, and friends enjoyed a delicious goodie from the bake sale. What a perfect ending to a delightful day!

Important Dates

  • February 15th & 16th                           February Break
  • February 23rd                                       Radio Show