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Compliments Galore!

Compliment Books

4th graders have started writing compliment books to their classmates for Valentine’s Day. They are tasked with writing detailed and genuine notes to each student and we will put them together in a beautiful booklet for them to take home. We’re looking forward to seeing not only how their writing has developed this year, but also how their friendships have blossomed!


After many busy weeks of American Revolution learning and researching, we took some time this week for 4th grade to have SSR time. So many of our students love silent sustained reading and we wanted this to be a relaxing time for them while we got back into the groove of a regular class schedule.


4th grade was introduced to multi-step word problems this week. They had a sneak peak of division last week and now they’re mixing that with multiplication, adding, and subtracting to completely solve a problem. For them, the hardest part of this seems to be remembering that they are multi-step and that they’re not done after they solve part one. We know they can do it though!

Important Dates:

February 13 – 4th Grade Social (3:00pm – 4:00pm)

February 14 – Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo! (1:15pm-2:45pm)

February 17 – 4th Grade Move-Up Day 

February 20-21 – February Break (No School)