The Cooper School Daily

Compliments in Kindergarten!

Writing Compliments

Kindergarteners were thrilled for the chance to incorporate writing into their personal relationships this week! Students kicked off a new writing project writing compliments for their classmates. Our class began by brainstorming the things they appreciated about their peers. From there, students looked for ways to form sentences expressing their feelings. Bustling with so many positive things to say, Kindergarteners got right to work on compliment books. We are touched to see all of the kind things students had to say to their peers and blown away by their ability to write them in full sentences!

Comparing Weight

Students have been busy in our classroom learning so many new terms to compare the weights of different objects! Students compared different items in our classroom and predicted which would be heavier. Using a balance, Kindergarteners were excited to put their predictions to the test. It was so exciting to solve the mystery of which items were “heavier”, “lighter”, and “equal”! Our class is full of mathematicians ready to show off their knowledge to the world!

One Word

We were very excited to introduce Kindergarteners to an old Cooper School tradition, One Word for the New Year! In a class discussion, students considered the aspects of their life they’d like to improve this year. After careful consideration, students chose one word they really wanted to focus on this year. We have so many new goals set in our classroom this year, including ‘listen’, ‘mindful’, ‘brave’, and ‘inventive’! It’s so exciting to see young minds building on their vocabulary and applying it to their own lives! 

Important Dates
January 20th- MLK Day (No School)
January 22nd- St. Andrew’s Gymnasium
January 23rd- Dinner at Workshop
January 24th- American College of the Building Arts Study Trip
January 28th- Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner
January 31st- Art Walk
February 14th- Valentine’s Day Concert