The Cooper School Daily

Compliments of Ten!



Our mathematicians started off the week with creating as many combinations of 10 as they could. The options were endless! Rocket Math exercises helped to establish goals for how many counting exercises can be done in under one minute.  Each scholar has a personalized goal based on their times and number of correct answers.  We will continue to exceed goals in Rocket Math on a weekly basis!


Elements of Writing


It was full steam ahead as our writers began to assess their own criteria for writing a story. Writers were given a checklist that covered elements of Second Grade level writing and a checklist for Third Grade level writing.  They were encouraged to take a deep dive back into their own story and measure what they were already achieving and what they could add in the future. Personal assessment allowed for a holistic review of the areas that they would like to improve, and how they might go about rewriting!


Field Study


This week Second Grade scientists jumped into our continuation of geology studies, as we chose to go into our outdoor space at the Cooper School to identify various rock elements right in our own backyard.  Scientists partnered with another classmate to document field findings, and then came together with the entire class to share what they found. 



Haikus of Activism


Our partners at Charleston Stage joined us in class to explore the topic of activism.  Scholars used their voices and movements as tools in order to act out scenes of activism. Examples this week included animal activism and environmental activism. Students learned that activism is the definition of “something is wrong in the world and we are going to fix it!” Through the study of haikus, scholars created scenes that best expressed their acts of activism. 


Important Dates


Thursday, September 27th                            Curriculum Night, 5:30-6:30

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day