The Cooper School Daily

Connecting All the Pieces


Thinking mathematically comes naturally to these Second Grade Super Stars! Students reviewed concepts such as even and odd numbers, skip counting, and adding money. They also identified number patterns on a grid, discussed the various number equivalencies, and created equations using a calculator. Students were excited to learn and play several new math games that reinforced the skills being taught in each lesson. Some favorites among the class were The Number-Grid Game and Penny Plate.

Reading Workshop

Students have become experts at choosing books that are “Just Right” for them to read independently. After they selected and read their book, students wrote, illustrated and shared the connections they made to texts they had read previously. Some of the connections they choose to write about were similar authors, characters, experiences, lessons, themes, and illustrations. Students became very creative and thoughtful after listening to their peers share. They learned that experience with a text varies from person to person.


The Second Grade geologists were excited to explore how to sort and classify rocks. Using magnifying glasses, students classified river stones into different groups based on their different properties. Students challenged each other to sort the stones in as many different ways as possible. They learned that when classifying items, there is more than one way to do it.