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Continents and Biomes!


Second Graders focused on finding nouns and verbs in sentences during grammar this week. They learned what makes a sentence complete and what makes a sentence incomplete.  

How To Understand Literacy Language

Readers discovered four steps when searching for literary meaning in their fiction texts.  They first identify an example of literary meaning this in their text. After that, they re-read it.  From there, they recall what’s going on in the story at that point. The last step is to ask the very important question of what the author is trying to convey to us!


Scientists are learning about the 8 biomes on all 7 of the continents.  These biomes include temperate forests, mountains (tundra), polar regions (arctic), grasslands, oceans, wetlands, desert, tropical rainforest.

December 7th       K-2 Movie Night – Polar Express @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 11th.      Winter Choir Performance @ Circular Church 1:30 pm

December 21st.      Pajama Day