The Cooper School Daily

Cool as a Kindergartener

All Families Are Different!

This week, Kindergarteners began learning about families, how each of them is unique, and what they all have in common. We had the opportunity to read several books about different family structures, some with a mom and dad, some with a single parent, some with two moms or two dads, and even some friends who may live with extended family. Kindergarteners warmed our hearts as they discussed families that were different from theirs but were able to recognize that the only thing that a family needs is love!

Boss of My Writing

Kindergarten writers know that, “when we are done, we have just begun”. This week, young writers got into their routines of Writing Workshop beginning with a mini-lesson, and then moving into independent writing time. Students discovered ways to carry on independently as writers as they worked on books that tell stories or teach all about something they know! Kindergarteners know that when they have finished writing, they can add pictures, add words or labels, or start a new piece! 


Students were so excited this week to spend time with our friends from Charleston Stage to put all of their actor’s tools to work! Kindergarteners worked with their bodies, voices, and imaginations to study different kinds of bees and their pollination process. Each day, students worked on tableaus to show the behaviors of bees and how their ecosystem works. Students were jazzed for the chance to learn new acting games and songs and really found their spotlight in our classroom!

Important Dates:
September 17th- Elementary Parent Coffee (8:15-8:45)
September 22nd – Virtual Curriculum Night