The Cooper School Daily

Cool Beans, Good Eggs, and Little Peeps!


This week in writing, Third Graders completed their letters to their Grandparents and moved onto writing sequels! We read The Cool Bean, The Bad Seed, and The Good Egg by Jory John and now we’re going to be writing our very own sequel! Students are working with partners to draft their sequels and we can’t wait to present them with the class next week!


Third Grade scientists have enjoyed being able to observe how quickly our baby chicks are growing! We first measured the chicks on Thursday of last week but by the time we measured them again on Monday they had all doubled their weight and even grown a few centimeters taller! Students have spent time this week observing all the changes the chicks have already gone through in such a short amount of time. Ask your scientist to tell you about the changes they’ve noticed in our chicks!


What an exciting week in Math! Students are becoming such fraction masters! For many, fractions began by seeming like such abstract, physical concepts, but this week, Third Graders are really making them come alive and truly feel like numbers. They’ve done this by learning how to place fractions on number-lines alongside whole numbers, and learning how to compare and order fractions using both models and number-lines. We can’t believe how much we’ve learned about fractions in such a short time! 

Important Dates:
May 7: Virtual Pass It On (more information about viewing will be sent home soon)-11:30 Dismissal
May 31: Memorial Day- No School