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What a week!  The Cooper School students are getting a confidence boost this week as we are coming off the heels of receiving the award for “Top 50 private elementary schools in the U.S.”.  This week TCS students added News 2’s “December Cool School” and “Most Educational” Christmas Tree to the list of recent accolades.  In preparation for Octavia Mitchell’s visit to our school on Wednesday, students were asked what they think is “cool” about TCS.  Here is what they said:

-All of the awesome grade level studies

-Reading Buddies with Kindergarten

-Lunch Buddies with other grade levels

-Art Walk and Radio Show

-Gardening in the backyard

-And many more!

What do you think is so cool about TCS?

Photo Dec 07, 1 29 14 PM


We have a snake!  After mourning the loss of our beloved Oreo, we have finally opened our hearts to a new snake.  This week, fifth graders welcomed Milky Way to the class.  Milky Way is a red, white, and black striped milk snake.  It is a hatchling and only measures about 9 inches long.  The milk snake is the cousin of the king snake, so we expect Milky Way to be similar to Oreo.  We can’t wait to get to know all the interesting quirks of our new class pet!

Photo Dec 08, 5 50 22 PM

Service Math Learning

This week, you all came together in a huge way to raise money for the I Heart Hungry Kids Foundation.  On Thursday, fifth graders had the honor of counting all of the proceeds before announcing the total to the school. We divided the donations into three categories: checks, cash, and coins.  Three teams each counted one category and then we combined the totals.  It took several check-ups, but we finally agreed on a total amount.  You raised $546.09!  That’s amazing, and you should all be very proud of your efforts.  Go TCS!

Photo Dec 10, 10 04 31 AM