The Cooper School Daily

Cooper Village Finale

Poetry in Motion

         Our newest writing unit is poetry and our room is covered with beautiful rhymes and vivid imagery. From Langston Hughes to Shel Silverstein, Second Graders are being introduced to the world’s greatest poets! We took a stab at our first on-demand poetry writing this week and it seems like we have some mighty fine poets brewing in our classroom. Students had a “poetry flood” earlier this week where pages upon pages of poems were spread on tables and the floor. Students then picked about 5-10 that piqued their interest and added them to our new poetry folders.


Final Week in Cooper Village

         This has been one busy week painting and tinkering and finalizing all our amazing work. We cannot believe how much we have achieved in the past 7 weeks. This week we focused on the details of our village squares. Students used the TCS tinkering cart to sculpt workers, build trees, and create beautiful green parks and living spaces. Students have also been preparing for our presentation on Monday by writing speeches and captions for our photographs. This has definitely been one of the biggest highlights of Grade Two!! Parents are in store for quite the treat.


Self-Assessment Success

         Second Grade spent so much time preparing our best work for parents and family members. Thinking critically about your work and reflecting on strengths and weaknesses in different academic and social settings is not an easy thing for anyone. I’m sure you would agree that our students’ speaking and presentation skills have skyrocketed since the beginning of the school year. Students have been preparing for a few weeks and putting their best work and writing together to showcase for their families. Each student went through a rigorous writing and editing process that took several hours of focus and commitment. When it came down to the conferences on Monday and Tuesday, all we could do was sit back and enjoy the gleaming smiles of our hard-working and proud little friends. We have a truly gifted group of scholars this year.


Important Dates:

March 12th                                    Cooper Village Presentation

                                                         8:15-9:00 am

March 24th                                     Spring Planting Party

March 30th                                    First day of Spring Break

April 9th                                        Classes resume