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Cooper Village Kick Off

Making Change

Second Graders started the new year by counting up with coins! Partnering together, Second Graders role played both cashiers and customers at the vegetable stand using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters making purchases and making change.  

Charlestowne Settlers

Our class has enjoyed reading and writing about the Charlestowne Settlers and their impact in the Lowcountry’s founding. Second Graders explored the settlers’ reasons for relocating to the New World and historical figures, like King Charles II, who tried to restore the throne through assigning the proprietors to the area. Scholars wrote and illustrated the details of the geographic voyage from England to America as well as the architectural details of homes built by Charlestowne Settlers.  

Cooper Village

Second Graders have begun work on the highly anticipated Cooper Village project.  Scholars discussed the essential businesses a village needs and they collectively compiled a master list. Students partnered in pairs to discuss all of their options and justify their choices for the final Cooper Village list. From there, students narrowed down their final list to only 8 businesses . A few choices included a hospital/doctor’s office, a police/fire station, a recycling/sewage/trash center, an electric company, and a grocery store.  

Caw Caw Field Trip:

We will be taking a field trip to the Caw Caw Interpretive Center on Friday January 25th.  We ask that parents send a plain, white t-shirt to school. We will be participating in indigo dyeing while on this trip.  

Important Dates:

January 21st: MLK Day – No School

January 31st– Art Walk at TCS

Pictured Below: Second graders partnering to discuss Cooper Village businesses