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Cooper Village Presentation and Patty’s Day Fun

Cooper Village Success

   Wow!!! Is the word that pops into our head when thinking about seeing this multi-week project finally come to life. The Second Grader’s speeches were executed with finesse and emotion. The Banana Times was an instant bestseller and hit among all grades at TCS. Students throughout the week are still asking if there is more we could do with Cooper Village. That right there tells you how much this truly collaborative project meant to our students. A huge shout out to parents who brought snacks, prepared costumes, or supported your child on this journey. It was definitely a fine example of a loving community coming together to celebrate success and learning.

Math This Week

      Second Graders competed in our own Olympic event with the Second Grade long jump.  Students learned to measure with a tape measure in both inches and centimeters. Students also measured each other’s arm spans to the nearest inch and centimeter. After recording and measuring, students sorted our data in ascending order so that we could identify the middle value, or median.  The next day we took our set of data and used the values to make line plots and bar graphs.

Haikus For You

      Haikus have been a popular poetry choice this week as we are diving deep into the world of rhymes, repetition, and alliteration. Students are learning to write about their feelings with details and descriptive adjectives. Our poets have been inspired by some of the best writers of children poetry and are encouraged to think outside the box when creating their own work. Some of the poems already created by our class include free verse, acrostic, and haiku. We’ve even created tiny topic journals to brainstorm ideas for future poems. Encourage your child to write, write, write at home and in their free time!!! We would love to hear what they do outside of school and would be more than happy to share these creations during our Morning Meetings.

Important Dates:

Charles Towne Landing                             March 22nd

Spring Planting Party                                 March 24th

Spring Break (No School)                         March 31st 

School Resumes                                         April 9th

Leprechaun Traps
Leprechaun Houses
Brainstorming for Haikus