The Cooper School Daily

Counting Down to the Holidays!

Adding It Together!
Kindergarteners have been spending the week working on their addition facts within 10. Students have been so proud to show off all that they know about numbers! Using counters, connecting cubes, and even other Kindergarteners, students were able to represent numbers with objects. Our class concluded their week with some exciting work in math storytelling. We were so impressed by the number stories our little mathematicians were able to think up.

How-To Dye Noodles
This week, Kindergarteners joined forces to learn all of the steps to dye noodles for craft projects. Using what they learned, students worked together to create a how-to book, walking their readers step-by-step through the process of dying pasta with food coloring and hand sanitizer! Once Kindergarteners were ready, we were so excited to shake up and mix the colors in our own ZipLoc bags. We can’t wait to craft with these colorful treasures!

Countdown to Christmas & How Many Days Until Hanukkah?
This week, students could not wait to kick off our Holiday Migration study! We started the week by creating countdown calendars to each holiday. Kindergarteners are so excited to show off their subtraction skills as we count each day closer to Christmas and Hanukkah! Students loved sharing all that they know about gift giving at the holidays, and we even learned where the tradition started. Can you believe gift giving in December traces all the way back to the Ancient Romans in 100 CE for their holiday of Saturnalia? We were so proud as Kindergarteners reminded us that Christmas is about giving. Students brainstormed ideas of ways to give back to our own school community, and cannot wait to create ornaments for each of their older peers in the spirit of the holiday season!

Important Dates:
December 16th – Winter Festival/PJ Day (11:30am Dismissal)
December 19th-January 2nd – Winter Break (No School)