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Creative Children

Kevin Henkes

Second Graders are finishing up their study on author and illustrator Kevin Henkes. Each day during Reading Workshop, students choose a Henkes book to read independently or with a partner. Upon completion, they reflect upon the daily lesson in their response journals. Students have been identifying characters, character traits, conflicts, resolutions, and morals. In addition to simply writing their answer, students have learned to use the text and illustrations to support their responses. This added depth gives students a better understanding of the Henkes books and the characters he has created.


Cooper Village

The students have begun their new unit of study, Cooper Village. This is an exciting, hands-on learning experience. During this study students discuss, plan, and construct their own environmentally friendly community. This week students were introduced to the challenge of creating a self-sufficient community. They brainstormed and listed everything a community would need in order to be successful. Students learned that businesses play an important role in a community’s success. Next students discussed different businesses within a community and decided which ones were needed. From a list of twenty-five different types of businesses, students negotiated and compromised on eight that were an absolute necessity. Students ended their week by researching and learning about the various jobs each business needs. Students decided on one or two professions that they found interesting and applied for those positions.



This week, Second Graders discussed the importance of creativity. The class began by brainstorming different ways they are creative in and out of the classroom. They also reflected on times they have used their ingenuity in their daily lives. Many students shared that their creativity was sparked when solving a problem. When we are creative, we find new and unique ways to see and do things in our world! These innovative scholars know that creativity is a skill that will help them to navigate challenges.


Important Dates:

Wednesday, January 25th             James and the Giant Peach – Study Trip

Friday, January 27th                         The Art Walk 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Tuesday, February 7th                     Parent Coffee 8:15 am