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Preparing for our 100th Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten scholars are eagerly counting the days as we approach our 100th day of school. Each day before math, we conduct a calendar routine. In this calendar routine students examine the calendar to identify the date, name, what day yesterday was, and what day tomorrow will be. We count the days that we have been in school and add a number to our growing number line each morning. Students count how many days that we have been in school in a variety of ways. Currently, we are practicing counting by 5s.

Wrapping Up an Informative Non-Fiction Unit

Kindergarten readers have been busy deepening their non-fiction reading skills with their “Strawberry & Banana” reading partners. This week, as we approached the close of our non-fiction unit, reading partners took turns sharing facts and new information they learned from their nonfiction texts. Partners were very excited to read and share information that they found to be interesting then hear what their partner found to be interesting. Reading partners practiced asking questions about what their partner read. Our non-fiction experts closed the unit by finding ways to connect information found on different pages of a non-fiction text. They learned to ask themselves, “What is the author trying to teach me?”   

Honoring our Amygdala

Kindergarten students have been exploring Mindful Awareness during our Minds Up lessons this week. They have learned about the functions of the 3 parts of the brain; the hippocampus, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. This week, we focused on the amygdala and how our minds work.

Kindergarteners learned that the “security guard” or the part of their brain that keeps them safe is their amygdala. The job of the amygdala is to protect us and to process danger quickly and efficiently in order to keep us safe. When faced with danger, or a stressful situation, our amygdala tells us to fight, flight, or freeze. The Minds Up curriculum empowers students and provides them with knowledge to understand how their minds work. Kindergarteners discussed ways to deal with their mind when they have very strong emotions or stress. Students learned about calming techniques such as deep breathing and positive self-talk and then shared their own strategies with peers.

This allows students to feel a sense of control and ownership over the decisions they make. As we dive deeper into mindfulness, Kindergarteners will build on what they know about the brain.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 23rd Study Trip to James and the Giant Peach
  • Friday, January 27th Art Walk 8-9
  • Monday, January 30th 100th Day Project Due
  • Wednesday, February 1st 100th Day of School
  • Tuesday, February 7th Parent Coffee 8-9