The Cooper School Daily

Creativity All Around


This week, Third Grade readers finished reading The Magic Paintbrush. This whole class novel includes Asian culture as well as lessons on honesty, kindness, and the complexity of relationships. Students enjoyed exploring the change in relationships over time and how different people can perceive actions differently. The main character in the book gets a magic paintbrush and can paint things into reality. Students were asked… “What would you paint?”


Third Graders were thrilled to get busy with the tinkering cart this week! After talking about how to care for the materials and how to keep the cart organized during Whole School Morning Meeting, student’s minds were rolling around tinkering ideas and ready to get going. 

Before beginning to tinker, students must create a plan, deciding what they will make, what materials they will use, and why they are making it. This open tinkering time inspired students to make things like airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and trucks to dolls, monsters, squishable pens, and catapults. With teacher supervision, students used a variety of materials, including a hot glue gun and a hammer and nails. So much was to be explored that it was hard to put it away!


During Movement each week students learn new skills and games that they are then able to play during their free play recess time. Using their knowledge of the typical structure of fast-paced tag games and cooperation games, students love to come up with their own variations on the games we play. For example, this week a student made up a whole Mario Brothers themed game that included the elements of team play, tag games, familiar characters, and lots of laughter. Through playing, students worked together to work out any kinks and were then able to play and introduce the game to other classes.

Important Dates

  • Friday, February 9th                          Valentine’s Bake Sale, 2:15-2:45
  • Wednesday, February 14th              Concert, Circular Church, 1:30-2:15
  • Friday, February 16th                       February Break, No School
  • Monday, February 19th                    February Break, No School
  • Monday, February 26th                   Asia Study Presentation