The Cooper School Daily

Cruising Right Along In Second Grade!

Quarter, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies!

Our mathematicians started off the week with conquering the challenge of currency values.  Given varying
number amounts in cents, they were tasked with coming up with four ways to create that amount in change.  It was incredible to see that many scholars had countless ways to create their assigned amount. Mathematicians used exploration tools like flat grids (value of 100), long pieces (value of 10), and cubes (value of 1) 

to create endless numeric combinations.

Intention Within Story

Our writers partnered with their writing partner to assess each of their stories written from the previous week.  Through their collaboration, they were able to determine what the character’s intention was in their stories. Reflecting with a partner often helps our writers see aspects of their own writing with a fresh pair of eyes!

Sifting + Water

This week second grade scholars partnered with their science partner to study the effects of combining elements of rock.  In their experiment, sand and rocks were sifted through the use of sifters. Our scholars then combined sifted elements into a vile then adding water.  From their, our students shook their viles, and were able to assess and document where each element landed within the experiment.

Important Dates

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day