The Cooper School Daily

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!


First Graders got a shock this week when they were told they would get a chance to try eating real insects! We acquired some packaged “insect snacks” at a local store, including seasoned mealworms and grasshoppers, and offered them to our students as a part of our insect study. All over the world, insects are a valued source of protein. Grasshoppers, for example, contain about 80% as much protein as beef, by mass, but three times the calcium. While some students were thrilled to be able to try these crunchy treats, others were more hesitant. In the end, our insect snack was a success and a valuable cultural lesson!

eating_insects-2Writing Workshop

On Thursday, our brave writers invited the 5th grade into our classroom to be the audience for our first publishing party. After practicing “loud and proud” reading voices for a few days, our First Graders were ready to share their personal narratives with the oldest Cooper School students. As they read, the 5th graders took notes on what the writers had done well, and after the last student had read the 5th graders shared these special compliments with the First Grade children. It was a memorable start to a year of publishing great books.

Family Math Night

On Thursday evening, The Cooper School hosted Family Math Night, a special event for students, parents, and friends to play games and perform activities related to our math studies at school. Cooper School teachers worked hard to create grade level appropriate activities in Algebra, Geometry, Probability, and more! Families moved from room to room to explore the different math strands, and went to the library for some whole-school estimation activities with prizes! It was a fun-filled hour for everyone.