The Cooper School Daily

Curious Children Exploring their Wonders!

Students began their transformation into “master writers” as we launched our Narrative Writing Unit. Studentsreading-2 focused on stretching out small moments in their life by adding colorful details and using language to paint a picture for the reader. Jane Yolen, the author of Owl Moon, and Angela Johnson, the author of The Leaving Morning, were used to mentor students writing by highlighting some of the techniques they may have used. One strategy students were eager to try was jotting down their ideas in “tiny topic notepads.” Students couldn’t wait to start writing their own personal narratives!
Every week, our Word Wizards study six new vocabulary words derived from a classic children’s book. These words are chosen to help students expand their reading and oral language skills. Each week students participate in listening to the words, analyzing their uses across different contexts, and formulating sentences. They are able to generate multiple sentences for each word, showing their understanding of the word and its uses. They also love to act the words out. Ask your child to silently show you “neglected” or “melodramatic.”
At TCS, we cherish and value a child’s curiosity every day. At the beginning of this week,scholars were introduced towonders big and small wonders during Whole School Morning Meeting. They brainstormed different wonders with their field day groups and discussed the ways to find the answer to a wonder.
In Second Grade, we have been discussing and exploring curiosity by sharing what we are personally curious about. Second Graders have a lot of wonders and interests. Including questions like, “How are rocks are formed?” and, “Do planets have life cycles?”. We started a class “Wonder Wall” for students to post their questions. Students also received
“Wonder Journals” that can be worn around their neck. Inquisitive scholars took their “Wonder Journals” everywhere they went this week to casually jot down wonders as they popped into their head.
Important Dates:
Thursday, September 29th–Curriculum Night, 5:30-6:30