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Curious Greek Mythologists!

Greek Mythologists


Fourth Graders started researching Greek Gods and Goddesses this week, as they began reading Greek mythology stories, in small groups. Students picked one story from an array of books and recorded the setting, plot, purpose and characters. This activity was a great introduction to Greek Mythology and is just the beginning to what they will discover!! Ask your child what Greek God or Goddess they learned about.




Social Studies On The Map

Our students surveyed numerous maps of Greece, which included decoding population maps, identifying the peninsula, neighboring countries, nearby islands and bodies of water. Students labeled the major Ancient Greek city states and discussed the first settlements in the country based on predictions of the biome. Each student created a chart of their current knowledge of Greece and what they want to learn. Fourth Graders are ecstatic about Greek history! Ask your child where the Greeks made their first settlements and why.



Curious Fourth Graders

Fourth Graders put on their curiosity hats and started thinking profoundly about their world and what they are curious about! Students combined their creative thoughts with Fifth Graders during Morning Meeting and they came up with some great wonders! Students were asked to close their eyes and imagine themselves on a quest to learn something new about what makes themselves most curious. Fourth and Fifth Graders shared their reactions with an emphasis on emotions. Ask your child about their wonders.  


Important Dates:

Monday, 10/15 Make-Up Day

Thursday, 10/25 – Grade 4 Parent Morning Meeting

Wednesday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival – 11:30 Dismissal