The Cooper School Daily

December is Divine!

Yay, it is December! With Christmas break happening this month, I know our delightful, determined, and dedicated middle school students will finish with distinct decorum. Your students will be devoted and disciplined to finish in a devoted and duteous manner that will certainly daze and dazzle their teachers.

Did you know that the month of December brings the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere? This is the shortest day of the year (the day with the least amount of daylight). In 2021, the solstice occurs on Tuesday, December 21 ( 

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes: 

What’s happening in Social Studies:

Historians are almost ready to present their research about their changemakers! They have been working on timelines and visuals this week. Next week, they will finish up their speeches and polish up everything to be prepared to share with you all! Presentations will take place Monday, December 13th at 2:00pm. It will be an award ceremony where each changemaker will be inducted into the TCS Hall of Fame. Don’t miss it!

What’s up in Math?

Algebra has been so fun and exciting this week. Students have created equations from tape diagrams and hangar scales using rational numbers and variables. We have introduced coefficients and even worked through a process for solving equations. Students were excited to jump in and begin solving equations on their own and even demonstrated their understanding by showing their classmates on the board. Algebra is my favorite and I am so happy I get to share my love with these girls. The equations they are solving are advanced two-step equations and they are absolutely rocking it. I know they will keep it up! As always, I am super proud of their work ethic and class participation! 

What’s happening in ELA:

Your seventh graders have worked very hard to complete Boy by Roald Dahl. I was impressed with their hard work to complete the assignments that went along with the story. They are finishing up their “cereal box book report” and seemed to have a lot of fun working on it. Next week, your students will delve into their nonfiction reading unit. They will also conclude their grammar study with who-which clauses. Please review pronouns, nouns, proper nouns, quotation marks in dialogue, and homophones with your student. An easy way to review with your kids at home is to pick a short paragraph out of a magazine or book and have them point out to you the parts of speech they have studied.

Seventh graders are also working with their Global Connect peers in China on a project. It is very important that they complete their research and upload any work they have completed before December 6th. They will have a Zoom class with their peers in Asia on 12/06/21 at 5:45 PM.  

Important Dates:

December 17th – Pajama Day- Holiday Extravaganza (10:30) 11:30 Dismissal 

December 20th – 31st Winter Break

January 4th – School Resumes