The Cooper School Daily

Dedicated Detectives


Your 5th grade mathematicians have been analyzing data all week and organizing it into several different graphs and tables. Our main focus this week was the stem and leaf plot. Students used their arm span and jumping distance to create a class stem and leaf plot! They learned that the stems are usually the placeholders for the 100s and 10s place, while the leaves are the placeholders for the ones place. They also used colorful candy to experiment with the idea of “sample size”. Ask your student which color of candy showed up the most in our bag!



Theft, art scandals, and special powers: just another day in the life of a fifth grade reader. This week, your sleuths began their mystery book club unit. In this unit, students were allowed to select one of three mystery novels to read over the next 2 weeks. They were then placed in one of the three book clubs and allowed time to schedule out their daily reading with the other members of their book club. Although we are having shared class discussion through our model read aloud, students are applying their new skills to their separate book club novels. So far we have been able to identify the central mystery, identify the narrator, distinguish between preexisting relationships and crime-related relationships, and make appropriate predictions.

Next week, we look forward to revising our predictions based on new evidence!




Your independent thinkers are growing up so fast! They are now at an age where they can be relatively independent throughout the day at home, picking out their clothes, making a basic meal, and feeding the pet. As long as they are given an age-appropriate task and know where their resources are, they can do many things without help from an adult! It is no different here at school. This week, Fourth and Fifth grade discussed ways they can become more independent in their learning. We identified situations they often need teacher assistance, and devised a list of steps they can take to solve it on their own:


  1. Reread the directions
  2. Look at the board
  3. Use a resource (book)
  4. Ask 3 friends
  5. As the teacher


It feels good to be competent and independent!


Important Dates


Tuesday, Feb. 7                     Parent Coffee, 8-9am

Tuesday, Feb. 14                   Valentine’s Day Concert and Bake Sale (Circular Church) 1-2 pm

Mon and Tue, Feb 20-21     February Break, No School

Tuesday, Feb. 28                   Study Trip, Peter and the Starcatcher 10:00-11:30