The Cooper School Daily

Dedication Books!

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

This week, 4th Graders couldn’t wait to see The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe at Dock St. Theatre. The play was fantastic and our class loved the powerful performances. The class shared their thoughts about key takeaways from the show, in small partnerships. 4th Graders continued to reflect upon the experience and remarked about the life lessons of friendship, courage, loyalty and forgiveness. Please ask your child about the play and lessons they learned from the performance. 

Marvelous Math 

4th Graders warmed up for this week’s math lessons by finding equivalent fractions and representing fractions as decimals. These exercises prepared mathematicians for learning strategies for adding fractions with unlike denominators 10 and 100. Adding tenths and hundredths was a critical part of this week’s math lesson. Students practiced explaining their problem solving strategies in order to help them understand the complexity of each problem. Please ask your child about the benefits of using these strategies to solve problems. 

Dedication Books to Kindergarteners

Our Fourth Grade writers created individual books inspired by the American Revolution, which were dedicated to the Kindergarten class. Students were specifically paired with a Kindergarten buddy to read their moving stories about this critical time in history. Kindergarteners were thrilled to hear their stories and see the illustrations, which our students worked tirelessly on. Please ask your child about the process of creating their Kindergarten book. 

Important Dates: 

Tuesday, 1/28 4th Grade American Revolution Presentation (TCS Library) 8:15am-9:00am

*We encourage students to dress in costumes according to which side they are representing.  Ex: Colonial style wigs, ruffled shirts, blue or red coats. (Loyalists=Red or Patriots=Blue)

Friday, 1/31 TCS Art Walk 8:00am

Wednesday, 2/5 St. Andrew’s Gym Trip 8:30-9:15am

Saturday, 2/8 Family Fun Night 

Thursday, 2/13 Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (2:15)

Friday, 2/14 Valentine’s Day Concert (3rd-5th Grade) 1:30-2:15pm 

Monday, 2/17 February Break-No School 

Wednesday, 2/19 St. Andrew’s Gym Trip 8:30-9:15am