The Cooper School Daily

Deep Thinking and Lots of Writing!


4th grade finished up their One Word New Year’s resolutions this week. We asked them each to come up with a goal they had for this year and then they chose three words that made them think of that goal. From that list, they chose the word they felt best represented their resolution and wrote about why they chose the word, how it fits with their resolution, and how they intend to accomplish this goal. They enjoyed a project that made them think so deeply and we have proudly displayed their finished products in the classroom. 


We have officially moved into our new SEL unit: Independence. As our class gets closer to being middle schoolers, we think this unit is a wonderful way to prepare them for the more freedom they will start to have in the coming years. With this unit, we hope to give them the confidence to make the best decisions for themselves and for others.


Along with the poster boards and children’s books for their American Revolution presentation, 4th graders will be having a debate over whether or not the 13 colonies should go to war with Great Britain. They have chosen their sides and are now in the process of researching reasons and evidence that support their argument.

Important Dates:

January 23 – Field Trip to Charleston Old Exchange

January 27 – Artist of the Month Coffee 2nd, 4th, & 8th Grade (8:15am)

February 3 – Project Presentation (2pm)

February 17 – 4th Grade Move-Up Day 

February 20-21 – February Break (No School)