The Cooper School Daily

Dive into Third Grade This Week

Social Studies

Students continued their Asia study this week learning all about the culture of the indigenous people of Mongolia. Students studied all aspects of Mongolian life, from clothing to travel. Third Graders read an interesting book this week about the daily life of a normal Mongolian family. Students were fascinated to learn about the Mongolian way of using all of their available resources, including cow dung to burn fires. 


In preparation for Valentine’s Day Third Graders spent a good bit of time considering what it is about each of their classmates that they appreciate. This week in Writing Workshop students completed their first drafts of compliments for each of their classmates. Students have begun working on their final drafts of each of these notes to be compiled into a book to be delivered to their classmates.Third Graders have loved the opportunity to show their appreciation for their friends!


This week in math our mathematicians began working on a new unit. Our scholars are beginning to dig deep into the world of division. Our scholars learned how to interpret division expressions. Our students mainly focused this week on division groups and matching situations with division problems. We can’t wait to explore this unit deeper!   

Important Dates:

  • February 1st- Middle School Information Session (6pm-7pm)
  • February 17th -Third Grade Social (Afterschool 3pm-4pm)
  • February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)