The Cooper School Daily

Dividing and Conquering!


Fourth Grade began their study of Australia this week with a focus on the different biomes found in this fascinating country/continent. Within this one land mass there are 5 different biomes represented; desert, grassland, temperate forest, tropical forest, and wetlands! On Wednesday, we discussed the desert biome in detail and began to create diagrams of the terrain and the animals that can be found in the Australian Outback.



Students learned two new division algorithms. This week’s lessons focused on understanding and developing a method for dividing whole numbers and solving division number stories. The first algorithm uses multiples to equally group the numbers constructed through number stories and problem solving. The Partial-Quotient algorithm introduces an alternative paper and pencil method to the traditional long-division algorithm. It begins with a series of “at least but not more than” estimates. The estimates are eventually added up to find the quotient. Students will be introduced to one more division algorithm before deciding which method they prefer.


Wax Museum

Students put the finishing touches on their Revolutionary Wax Museum this week. Patriots and Loyalists wrote narrative essays persuading colonists to join their cause and fight for freedom. They made backgrounds that will hang behind them as they read their nonfiction book to museum visitors. Researchers studied symbols of the American Revolution and they taught fellow classmates the symbol’s significance and history.


Important Dates:


Revolutionary War Wax Museum           Tuesday, Feb. 6th at 8:15-8:45


Bake Sale                                               Friday, Feb. 9th at 2:15-2:45


Valentine’s Day Concert                         Wednesday, Feb. 14th at 1:30-2:15


February Break/ No School                    Friday, Feb. 16th


February Break/ No school                     Monday, Feb. 19th