The Cooper School Daily

Doing Joint Tasks!

Opposable Thumbs!

This week, our 4th Grade scientists were asked to move their hands and observe the complex movements of the thumb and fingers, also known as digits. The investigation was an exploration of joint awareness. The class worked in large groups to perform specific tasks, such as coloring in a picture, tracing a maze, rolling up newspapers, writing a letter and creating a bracelet out of paper clips. There was a catch though, each scientist performed all of the tasks without the use of their opposable thumbs. We taped their thumbs to the sides of their index fingers and they tried their best to execute each activity. Our class reflected upon the multiple activities by discussing joints in their bodies and categorized them by similarity of operation. Please ask your child about the degree of difficulty they experienced while performing these tasks with limited mobility of their hands. 


During Centers, Fourth Grade scholars participated in an American Revolution simulation which demonstrated actual events that occured back in the year 1775. Students were divided into two different sides: Patriots and the Loyalists. Students use spinners to decide what moves they will make next in the simulation. Patriots are currently facing harsh winter-like conditions in Valley Forge with little food and water. Loyalists are currently celebrating the warmth and party-like atmosphere in Pennyslviana. Ask your student what side they are on to hear more about this exciting project. 

Happy New Year! 

Fourth Graders jumped into 2020 with a fresh take on academic and personal aspirations! Each student thought carefully about one word to describe a goal for the new year. Their creative minds came up with many inspirational ideas. Here are a few of those magical words; Creativity, Present, Action and Enthusiasm. Once students chose their word for the year, they created a short passage, which explained the meaning behind the word. Ask your child about the meaning behind the word they chose and how they are going to incorporate it into their lives. 

Important Dates:

Monday, 1/20 MLK Day (No School)

Wednesday, 1/22 St. Andrew’s Gymnasium Trip (8:30am-9:30am) 

Thursday, 1/23 4th & 5th Grade- Dock St Theater (Lion, Witch & Wardrobe) 11:45am-1:45pm

Tuesday, 1/28 4th Grade American Revolution Presentation (TCS Library) 8:15am-9:00am

Friday, 1/31 TCS Art Walk 8:00am