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Drama, Fractions, and Electricity!

Charleston Stage

We’ve had an extra exciting week in Fourth Grade! This week we’ve had guest teachers from Charleston Stage come in to teach us all about drama! Actors have thoroughly enjoyed having time each day to explore different games and warm-ups!


In Math, we began a new unit: fractions! Mathematicians enjoyed creating a visual representation of parts of a whole using pizza! We used our pizza activity to understand that if the numerator is larger than the denominator, that means there is more than one whole. We also created fraction strips to help us see equivalent fractions.


This week, scientists have shifted their focus from magnetism to electricity. We investigated how electricity flows through a circuit. On Tuesday, we used wires, batteries, and light bulbs to investigate the importance of a closed circuit to make sure the electricity makes it from the source to the receiver. We also used a battery to make a motor run!

Important Dates:

  • September 17: Elementary Parent Coffee
  • September 22: Virtual Curriculum Night