The Cooper School Daily

Dramatic Sounds

Sound Vibes

Third Graders were thrilled to have a visit from High Tech, High Touch. 

Miss Jennifer came to do hands-on experiments to explore how sound waves work. Students investigated how vibrations travel through gas, solids, and liquids. Using the whole classroom as a test source, students used tuning forks to explore how sound travels through all types of solids. 

The most interesting discovery is how it travels through our own body! We ended by discussing how the ear works as our sound receiver.


Third Graders were excited to do drama this week! Each year we have actors from Charleston Stage come to our school to work on presentation and dramatic skills. During these classes, students use their bodies, voice, and imagination to create different scenes. A favorite warm-up game is, “Baby Shark”. Third Grade actors and actresses really enjoy learning and playing engaging theater games. This year, students got to have their performance videoed so they could later watch themselves! By practicing these theatrical skills, students are able to gain confidence when performing in front of an audience of friends and family.


This week Third Graders took their Unit 1 math assessment. Before they began, we discussed how assessments are used as a tool for both the student and the teacher to know what areas students know and where they need help. Third Graders did a great job staying focused, accessing the needed math tools, and completing the test. Afterwards, students were able to review their test, make corrections, and take it home. These test-taking skills will continue to serve them throughout the year.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, October 9th             Columbus Day, No School
  • Tuesday, October 10th          Fall Break, No School
  • Monday, October 16th           10:45 Publishing Party and Parent Lunch
  • Tuesday, October 31st          Halloween, 11:30 Dismissal