The Cooper School Daily

Eager Readers

Eat. Sleep. Read. Repeat

    Second Grade dove into some magnificent books this week. Students are discovering the ways to come back to reading by using bookmarks and rereading the previous marked page or paragraph. Their sustained reading times are growing each week and their ability to discuss plot and significant events are equally impressive. Our current read aloud, “The Penderwicks”, by Jeanne Birdsall, a tale of four sisters and an extraordinary summer adventure!!


They See Me Rollin’

      Our little Einsteins are dropping in and cruising down ramps in science. This past week we have been investigating what makes objects roll. A force must be involved, yes? Push or pull you say? What makes it go faster? Farther? All this (and more!) was answered when students made axle rollers out of straws and plastic round discs. Similar in concept to wheels and trucks on a skateboard axle. We also discovered that cups with different sized ends will roll in a circular motion depending on their sizes. Students tinkered with counterweights, exploring ways to make their creations go left, right, or full steam ahead!!


Trucking Through Trimester One

            Believe it or not, we’re one-third of the way done with the school year!! What a wonderful start we have had in Grade Two with so much more to look forward to in the upcoming months. We are truly a family at The Cooper School and we are so lucky to share so many magical experiences with these bundles of joy. Don’t forget parent/teacher conferences are Monday and Tuesday so it’s a half day for all students (11:30 Dismissal). Check your time and we’ll see you very soon!!

Important Dates:


Monday, November 13th       Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, November 14th      Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday, November 15th Make up Picture Day

Friday, November 17th          Field Trip to Ackerman Skate Park

Monday, November 20th       Harvest Feast, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, November 21st      Thanksgiving Break, No School

Monday, November 27th       School Resumes

Zen Master Tyler!
Marble rolling to learn about motion and force.
We’ve got a digger!