The Cooper School Daily

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Cooper Village Cinema

The village is back and the cameras are rollin’. Once again, Second grade shined as they recited their speeches, adjusted their ties, and made Cooper School history. After a dash of make-up and a pep talk from the camera crew, the villagers took the stage with more confidence than we had seen all year. Students spoke about collaboration and project-based learning with ease and full smiles. Seeing the project complete again with everyone back in their roles and elevated moods, made it seem like we’ve never stopped being a village, and always will be.

Song Kran Celebrations

Friday afternoon marked the first day of the famous Thai New Years celebration called Song Kran. Students got their first taste of Thai culture and food as they sampled traditional treats, mangos, and coconut water from Thailand. Adorned in colorful Hawaiian style shirts, students created Thai art and got a little wet too. Water is very important in the celebrations as it washes away bad juju from the previous year and brings health and good fortune. Students loved getting wet and sharing in the spirit of our penpals!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Our final culminating project of the year kicked off this week and we are up to our talons in avian excitement! We started the week learning about parts of a book like the Glossary, Index, and Table of Contents. There are a lot of birds out there and to navigate these bird bibles you’ve got to be sharp as a tack! On Wednesday, we introduced student bird journals where students keep tabs on what birds they’ve seen by drawing pictures and diagrams and also taking notes. We have covered a lot in our first week from seasonal migration to mating dances to birds of prey. Encourage your kids to go outside, look up, and take note of what they spot!

Important Dates:

Field Trip: Billy, Goat, Gruff-               April 26, 9:30am, Dock St. Theatre

Grandparents and Special

Friends Morning-                                  May 4, 9:30-11:30. (11:30 dismissal)

Pass-it-on Poetry Celebration-           May 4, 5-6pm