The Cooper School Daily

Earth Day and More!


It was an exciting week for science in Grade One! This week we began our 
Solids and Liquids unit with a close examination of solids. We Dawson Sciencelearned important vocabulary like material and property, with an aim to identify the properties of different materials. This highly hands-on unit is perfect for independent exploration. Students put their hands on items made of leather, plastic, rubber, wood, paper, fabric, metal, and ceramic. Once we have more knowledge about solids, we will move on to liquids!


Our young writers are learning so much about revising their work. This week, haiku collagethey learned to use a variety of words to describe dialogue (other than “said”). After a brainstorming session, First Graders realized that in our everyday lives we do so much more than “say.” We whisper, we shout, we ask, we answer, we reply, we mutter, we even brag (but not too much). Each of these words can be used in writing to describe how characters speak with one another. After the lesson, they got right to work revising the dialogue in their realistic fiction books to include these new words!

Earth Day

Earth Day is an important holiday when we consider our environmental footprint and ways to make our earth a better place. In First Grade, each student got the chance to choose and plant a seed to take home and nurture. We also decorated light switch plates to remind our families to shut off the lights to conserve electricity. After a special snack of “worms and dirt,” we went on a walk around the neighborhood to collect trash and make our little corner of the earth a little better.

Important Dates

  • Friday, May 6 – Grandparents and Special Friends Morning, 11:30 dismissal
  • Friday, May 6 – Pass It On, Charleston Museum, 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Sunday, May 15 – TCS Family Picnic, Magnolia Plantation