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Ecosystems and Earth Day!

Earth Day

This Friday was Earth Day!  Although your planet savers are conscious of ways to protect the earth everyday at The Cooper School, we did an extra special celebration of Earth Day on Friday.  During Whole School Morning Meeting, Ms. Erin asked the students to brainstorm several ways that we could observe Earth Day at school.  After compiling an amazing list and then voting, the student body decided that we would keep all the lights off in the school for the entire day!  What an exciting way to preserve resources.  There were definitely moments on Friday where we almost forget and started to turn the lights on, but we made it!  Working and learning with the lights off even ended up being very peaceful.  Ask your child how they can help the earth at home.

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To wear uniforms or not to wear uniforms, that is the question!  This week, your debaters have been practicing their skills through their opinion essay unit in Writing Workshop.  The question they’re debating is whether students at The Cooper School should have to wear uniforms or not.  The class was split into two groups, asked to research their topic and then write an opinion essay debating their side.  This week they focused on conducting research by creating a t-chart with their facts on one side and their opinion about that fact on the other side.  When all is said and done, they will participate in a verbal debate.  What do you think about the topic?

Nonfiction Reading

What’s the difference between a biome, an ecosystem, and a habitat?  If matter is everything, is energy matter?  How are a savanna and a desert alike and different?  These are the types of questions your scientists have been answering this week as they read their new nonfiction text, Ecosystems.  This nonfiction unit has been an exciting departure from our typical Reading Workshop routine.  During this unit, students go to read an excerpt about ecosystems with a partner.  After reading, we gather as a whole group and join in some deep thinking and discussion together.  I pose a question first, then students turn and talk to formulate their answer with their partner, and finally I pull a name out of the bucket to give us an answer.  It’s been exciting not knowing whose name will be pulled next!  Ask your child how they’ve liked working closely with their reading partner this week.  

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