The Cooper School Daily

End of the Year

As the year comes to a close, we want to shine on each and every Fourth Grader for their hard work all year long. From projects and presentations to essays and ERB, this class has embodied exactly what it means to be Cooper School Kids. It has been a joy learning and growing with the class and we will miss them, but we know they will do great things in middle school and beyond.


For the final Reading unit of the year, 4th grade had a special treat with the book Holes by Louis Sachar. With this highly anticipated novel, students focused on reading comprehension, as it is one of the most difficult elementary books for deeper reading and analysis. Our readers are revisiting reading strategies such as questioning, visualizing, and inferencing. To top it off, after reading the book, they get to watch the movie adaptation!


Students’ final writing assignment was to write a literary essay on a book they read. They learned how to create a thesis statement and prove an argument with evidence and quotes directly from the book. They will use this knowledge for years to come and it was a great way to end our writing for the year!

Important Dates:

May 24 – No School (Teacher Workday)

May 27 – No School (Memorial Day)

May 30 – ½ Day (8th Grade Graduation)

May 31 – ½ Day, Field Day, Last Day of School