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Monday Movement

This week in Monday Movement we brought back an old favorite, Capture the Flag!  This is a beloved game by the fourth and fifth graders, and they were excited to get to play.  Capture the Flag requires an immense amount of awareness, agility, speed, and team strategy.  Your job is to steal the “flag” from the other team’s guarded hula hoop.  If you successfully steal the “flag”, the battle is only half won.  Next, you must deliver it back to your side without getting tagged.  Sometimes this requires a diversion, and sometimes and it just requires sheer speed.  Ask your child what their favorite part of Capture the Flag is!

Photo Nov 30, 12 37 28 PM


Your scientists launched their Variables unit this week!  This unit is a look at how to design and conduct controlled experiments.  By the end of this study students will be able to ask a question, determine their independent and dependent variables, and conduct a controlled experiment.  This will culminate at the Science Fair!  Our first investigation this week looked at pendulums and what variables we could change to change the number of swings a pendulum completes in 15 seconds.  We tried changing the starting position, the weight at the bottom of the pendulum, and the length of the swing.  Ask your child what the results were!

Photo Dec 03, 10 15 15 AM


Your 5th grade researchers are absolutely loving our Westward Expansion study!  This week we continued studying in our nonfiction text set.  Each day, we gathered at the carpet to model and try a new nonfiction reading strategy.  Then students moved to their seats to read and work independently.  Our focus this week was on noticing how two events are related, combining information from more than one source, and finding logical evidence to support the author’s main idea.  We have learned so much and almost feel like we lived in the time of Westward Expansion.  Ask your child what is the most interesting thing they have learned!

Important Dates

  • Friday, Dec. 18 – Pajama Day, 11:30 dismissal
  • Monday, Dec. 21 – Monday, Jan. 4 – Winter Break, No School
  • Tuesday, Jan. 5 – School Resumes
  • Monday, Jan. 18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School