The Cooper School Daily

Exciting News in Fourth Grade!


This week Fourth Graders continued their investigation with magnets and electricity by combining them both and creating electromagnets. Students used their background knowledge on what they knew about creating a temporary magnet and created their own electromagnetic using a d-cell, wire, and a small copper pole.


Fourth Grade writers continued to revise their realistic fiction stories this week. Writers worked diligently to hand write their final story, complete their illustrations, and their cover page. Fourth Graders are so excited to publish their work to the Kindergarten class next week!

Welcoming Miss Chayce

All of Fourth Grade was ecstatic to welcome Miss Chayce into the classroom Wednesday morning! For the morning meeting, Students shared what they love most about TCS. Many answers included the Halloween carnival, the Holiday Extravaganza, and the best friends they’ve made at the school. Miss Chayce was so excited to join our class, and she wanted to jump in right away by reading The Red Pyramid to the class as our read aloud.

Important Dates:

October 17 & !8- Fall Break (No School)