The Cooper School Daily

Exciting Week in Second Grade!

Rock Climbing

This week second grade took a trip out to James Island County Park for a day of rock climbing. Students began the day by writing goals for themselves to achieve during their climbing adventure.They also reminded themselves that it was ok if they didn’t achieve every goal, but they tried their hardest and that was what mattered. Students climbed a 25 foot wall and a 50 foot wall! They showed great persistence accomplishing their goals and climbing to the top of the wall! 

Gulla Geechee Basket WeavingThird grade students are learning all about South Carolina with a focus on the Gullah Geechee community and invited second graders to attend a presentation to learn about the culture. One aspect that students got to experience hands-on was learning about the tradition of sweetgrass basket weaving. Students learned what materials are used to create a sweetgrass basket, however it is a Gullah Geechee tradition to keep the instructions on basket weaving a secret within their culture. Students had informative questions and got the opportunity to learn so much thanks to our speaker.

Fast Facts

Students are circling back to skills they began learning at the beginning of second grade. To prepare students for third grade we began a review unit on all of the information we have studied this year. One topic that we are hitting hard in this unit is fast facts. Fast fact practice is so important not only for single digit addition and subtraction, but also for double and triple digit work. We began going back to the basics to make sure we are perfecting our skills to be successful in the future! A goal in Second Grade is to complete as many rocket math levels as we can before the end of the year!

Important Dates:

May 9 – Pass It On at 5pm- Scottish Rite Center (11:30 Dismissal)

May 24 – No School (Teacher Workday)

May 27 – No School (Memorial Day)

May 30 – ½ Day (8th Grade Graduation)

May 31 – ½ Day, Field Day, Last Day of School